About Us


Hi, Tessa and Josh here! We are an Australian couple who are friendly, outgoing and love to travel. We have created a community of like-minded, positive travellers who love to share tips and tricks, travel advice and are passionate about self-awareness called Conscious Travel Community.

Our Facebook group continues to grow daily filled with travel advice, tips, hacks and self awareness. We create organised retreats for our travellers that are perfect for solo friends, friends or couples.

Monthly meet ups in central London and Australia are important to us to socialise with our members, connect and talk about all things travel.
They can range from a meal together, bingo night or team building style activities.

When we understand ourselves, can tune into our subconscious mind chatter and discover the subconscious beliefs we hold. We can take action to create the life we want. We run a variety of workshops including goal setting, law of attraction, meditation and card reading.

Our Facebook group, Conscious Travel Community gives you access to travel information as well as our organised trips, meet ups and workshops.