Connection to Self Relaxation Session

Connection to Self Relaxation Session

As humans, we are all very good at being there to support other people, but what about for ourselves? When is the last time you took time out for you? 22 lovely souls joined me for a morning relaxation session where we connected to our higher self, inner wisdom and guidance.


“I truly loved the session as I wasn’t sure what to expect , the meditation went way beyond my expectation & it has left me on a ‘high’ & appreciation for everything ; I think I got a big push from the universe to do more ( as I used too ) I’ve been inspired to get back on track ! I received a ‘message’ to re-read ‘ A Course in Miracles’ ( which I haven’t picked the book up for about 20 yrs ; I’ve started reading today & it’s pretty heavy reading … Thanks Tess you are amazingly inspiring ….looking forward to more workshops to open my awareness xxx love & light xxx”

“The session was mind opening. Thank you so much I really hope you will hold another session like this soon. 💗”

“I loved the meditation it is great to connect to your high-self and visualise what you want”

“There’s loads more that I’d love to learn. I just love listening to all your knowledge and passion. I’m feeling really good. The session really confirmed a lot of what I was already feeling and has given me a big push in becoming more intentional, mindful and self aware. A massive thanks Tessa! “

“I loved learning more about self awareness and journaling as well as daily practice tips. I’m now to meditation. I currently feel like I have been going through a big life changing experience in terms of knowing who I am and always have been, however not afraid to be that person anymore. This session was really enjoyable and can’t wait to do more with you in the future. Only one change would be the card readings took a big chunk out, maybe they could have been done at the end as I had to leave the online session early and missed bits because that part took longer. Really enjoyed it though and hope to meet in person in the future.”