How CTC Was Created

A Raw and honest post from Tessa

Have you ever found yourself craving human conversation that you struck up a chat with a complete stranger? What about in a supermarket; asked for help when you didn’t need it just to get some human interaction? This is the level of loneliness I found myself in when I first moved to London and the foundations of why Conscious Travel Community was created.

In 2017, I moved from Australia solo on a one-way ticket to London. After the hype of being in a new city settled, I felt my energy shift into a dark, lonely place. I am what you might call an extreme social butterfly; I love making conversation, meeting new people and going out. So when I was on my own, I really struggled with feeling depressed, alone and even questioned my decision to move there in the first place.

I began a gratitude journal – which helped get the energy moving – but I quickly realised I needed to change my mindset, step out of my comfort zone and meet new people.

I moved to London for a change; I was searching for a feeling that I wasn’t sure existed. I have a double degree in Education and have been teaching for 10 years. I loved teaching but it no longer lit a fire in my belly, I was no longer jumping out of bed to head into school. I felt uninspired and stuck.

While teaching, I began studying Experiential Healing over a 6 month course, which taught me about subconscious programs, self awareness, understanding myself and others. I had no idea London was the beginning of my spiritual awakening and I have learnt more about myself in 1 year than ever before. Although it’s not always easy, I can confidently say it definitely changed me for the better.

Through working on myself and my mindset, I completely transformed and began peeling back the layers of self doubt, lack of worthiness and forgiveness. I found myself taking a break from teaching and fell into travel nannying. I worked in Spain and Greece over the summer and entered a long distance relationship with Josh who I’d known from Australia. He soon moved over and we began travelling… a lot. Every second weekend in fact. We would organise trips for the two of us, as well as group trips with our friends.

Now, this is where things get complicated… do you believe in one soul purpose? Or multiple soul purposes or think a soul purpose is just BS? Because I thought my one purpose was teaching, then found myself questioning everything I knew about my life.

My whole world had changed in a matter of months. After truly connecting with my passion for travel and releasing limiting beliefs around not having what I truly wanted, I finally took the leap of faith to quit teaching full time and focus on travel.

Through the Meet Up App, Josh and I started running events for people interested in travel. We then did a few weekend trips away but there was something missing… It took me another 4 months to pin point that it was the online community aspect of what we were doing that was lacking. Meet Up was a good app to find like-minded people – as it’s interest based – but we wanted people interacting, meeting up on their own accord and sharing their travels. So this is where our Facebook group Conscious Travel Community or CTC was born.

We combined our love for travel with like-minded conscious people. We created an online community on Facebook called Conscious Travel Community, for people to share travel questions, tips and tricks, awarenesses, fears they have and have overcome or even just to share where they have been. Within 3 months we had over 2000 people join and I don’t mean to gloat but it is the best high vibe, helpful, travel community and I couldn’t be prouder!

We now have people adding their friends and just through word of mouth have an average of 300 members a week, we have just reached 8000+ members in the year the group has been active. Through our group, Josh and I organise monthly meet up events in London as well as monthly weekend trips away for people to connect face to face. I feel it has everything that I would have wanted when I first began solo travelling and moved to London. We have people meeting up all over the world while they travel through our group.

A group who met up in Malta

Aside from providing a place for people to connect with like-minded travellers, on our trips away we balance sightseeing and activities to encourage people to be more self aware; sometimes we focus on positive mindsets, or share stories of manifestation or even self care strategies. As each group is different, and so are the conversations, activities, level of consciousness and people as individuals. I also run day workshops in London for people who are intrigued or interested in self awareness.

I love where CTC is heading; constantly growing and raising consciousness among people who love to travel. If you would like to join or hear about our upcoming meet ups and trips, details are here

Conscious Travel Community group trip to Portugal