Israel to Jordan Border Crossing

The information online was super confusing (and misleading) so I’m going to break down how to cross the border from Israel into Jordan, how much it costs and how long it takes.

There are 3 different check points you can cross from Israel into Jordan. We used The Allenby/King Hussein Bridge as it’s closest to Jerusalem. The others are Sheikh Hussein crossing /Northern Border and Wadi Araba Crossing/South Border.

  • To cross the border by land at Allenby Bridge, you need to have a pre-approved visa. You cannot obtain a visa at the border.
  • This can be done in 2-3 working days at any Jordanian embassy. You need to submit your passport during this time.
  • You cannot drive yourself across the border and need to use the transport provided.
  • Get a Jordan Pass which gives you free entry to most attractions/sites and to waive your visa fee.

Israel to Jordan

Getting from Jerusalem city centre to Allenby Bridge:

  • The taxi takes you right up to the terminal which is similar to an airport departures.
  • Hop out, walk through the departures. If you have suitcases they get given to security.

Cost: 240 New Shekels (£54) in a taxi or 50 New Shekels (£12) per person in the transfer from Java Gate.

Time: 40 mins drive

Allenby/King Hussein Bridge: Exiting Israel

  • This is similar to immigration at an airport. First you need to pay your exit fee at the counter, then line up in the exit line. When called, present your exit receipt and exit ticket (both given when you pay your exit fee).
  • You are then escorted to a bus. We waited almost 1 hour on the bus as it’s leaves when it’s full. The time waiting will depend on how busy the border is.

Cost: 167 New Shekels (£36) exit fee, can be paid in cash or on card.

Time: 15 mins (depends on lines)

Allenby Bridge to the Jordanian Border

  • The bus will drive you across ‘no mans land’ to the Jordan border entry. The bus fee is to be paid in cash but can be paid in any currency (JOD, GBP, USD, INS).

Cost: 20 New Shekels (£5) each

Time: 20 mins

Jordan Border Entry

  • It’s well worth getting a Jordan Pass which includes your entry visa and entry to 40 main attractions across Jordan. It includes sights like Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash. You need to have organised this prior to your arrival

Time: 10 mins

Cost: Jordan pass 75 Jordanian Dinars (£82) or pay just for the border entry 40 Jordanian Dinars (£43).

Jordan Border to Amman

  • We took a taxi from the border into Amman. We negotiated the price before we got in the taxi. We read there is a transfer but did not see it when we were there.

Cost: 30 Jordanian Dinars (£32)

Time: 40 minutes

Total time: 2 hours from Jerusalem city to Amman cityTotal trip cost: £144 per person including the Jordan pass.  

While the border crossing seemed confusing, it was very quiet when we were there and we were able to navigate our way through. If you have cash, your pre approved visa and your Jordan Pass, it should be seamless. We were not questioned about our time in Israel.

Amman, Jordan to Jerusalem, Israel

Cost: 30 Jordanian Dinars (£32) 

Time: 40 minutes 

  • We took a taxi from Amman to the border. We negotiated the price before we got in the taxi. There is also transfer bus from Amman 11 JOD per person and is run by Jett
  • TIP: Get there early. The border opens 8am-1:30pm on Saturday. We arrived at 7:40am and were seen straight away (before bus loads of people arrived). 

Exiting Jordan

Cost: 30 Jordanian Dinars (£32) to be paid in cash + 7 Jordanian Dinars (£7) per person + 1.50  Jordanian Dinars per bag on the bus in cash. Only Jordanian Dinars are accepted.

Time: 45 minutes (the bus leaves when it’s full)

  • Fill out an exit ticket with your name and passport information. Hand in your passport, exit ticket and exit fee receipt. 
  • Your passport gets handed back to you on the bus so no need to worry when boarding the bus but DO NOT allow the bus to leave without your passport in your hand.
  • Once on the bus, you will need to pay the 7 Jordanian Dinars for yourself + bags if you have any.

Getting from Allenby Bridge to Jerusalem city centre

  • There is a local bus (can see timetable through Egged) however when we crossed it was Saturday and there were no buses running.
  • We booked a private transfer through Get Transfer which cost £100 for all 4 of us in an SUV.

Cost: £100 in a private car (£25pp)

Time: 40 minutes

Total time: 2 hours, 10 minutes from Amman to Jerusalem
Total trip cost: £89 per person