Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is part of the Ionian islands in Greece and is filled with amazing beaches, food and people! You can drive around the whole island with amazing hidden beaches and towns.

Transport: There are infrequent local buses. Taxis are available but quite expensive. Your best mode of transport is to hire a car. 

Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia

Where to stay:

  • The main town is in Argostoli. Filled with restaurants, shops, cafes and is by the water. If you don’t have a car this is a good central location to be. 
  • Lassi is close to the airport and is popular for tourists. There are restaurants and beaches close by, also a good option if you don’t have a car. 
  • If you have a car, Luxouri requires a small ferry from Argostoli to Luxouri but is a nice smaller and quieter area to stay. I have a friend here who manages houses if you would like to stay in this area. 
  • Lourdas beach is about 20 minutes from the airport. It has a beautiful beach with restaurants along it. It’s ideal to have a car in this location. 
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

What to do:

  • Kefalonia is known for it’s beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular include Mytros beach. You will need a car to access this. 
  • We did a day drive around the west of the island stopping at Mytros, Assos (a cute town with colourful buildings, a beach and restaurants) Empasili beach and Fiskardo. I’d recommend all of these. 
  • On the east side of the island is Sami which is another port. You can do day trips from here to other islands, there are also restaurants along the water. Close by is Antisamos beach which has a beach bar, crystal clear water and great vibes! 
  • If you want to treat yourself, Alexandra is a mobile masseuse and she is amazing. She was very intuitive about areas of my body and able to give me some tips for my pain areas. She lives in Argostoli or can come to you. Will link her in the comments. 
  • There is horse riding available 
  • Mountain hikes (Mt Anios) and paragliding over Myrtos beach
  • Boat trips to near by caves or islands. 
  • Zakyanthos is a 1.5 hour boat ride from Kefalonia. 
  • The ferry runs from Argostoli to Luxouri every half hour in high season. This is a really cute 20 minute ride to the other side of the island. You can drive a car on too and it’s very cheap. 
Lorraine’s Magic Hill Restaurant, Lourdas Beach Kefalonia

Where to eat:

  • There are loads of amazing restaurants!
  • Lorraine’s Magic Hill in Lourdas is my #1 pick for restaurants. It has an amazing view over the beach but the food is the real winner. Lorraine owns a farm and most of her produce is her own including the meat, feta and freshly baked bread. It’s a family run business with the best hospitality we have experienced in a long time.
  • At Lourdas beach we go to Taverna Lovidis because they have free sun beds and reasonably priced food (and gyros 🥙)
  • Luxouri has a really cute square right where you get off at the port. If you don’t have a car this would be cute for a date night. VS restaurant on the left of the square is good. There are a few shops, an ice cream store and a chocolate shop hidden at the back that you should check out. 
  • Captain Nikolaos is near Luxouri, very secluded with a beautiful view. 
  • Argostoli has heaps of restaurants along the water and in the square. K63 bar restaurant is good.