Lake District, UK

Here are our top tips for the Lake District. It is an absolutely gorgeous part of the world. We went in February 2019 right after some snow; the mountain tops were so magical and we had blue skies.

Our group was 9 people who were all strangers. We drove from London to our accommodation in Boot. Check out the video below and what people had to say about this trip.

Testimonials from our travellers

The Catbells walk was absolutely stunning! This was definitely the highlight of the trip! The scenery for the van as we drone to different lakes was beautiful. The driving route was well planned and allowed us to make the most of the day. The lunch stop was really delicious food as well.
The weekend away to the Lake District was amazing. Such a magical place and it was so nice making new friends and having a great time travelling. I felt like we were all part of a community by the first couple of hours on the trip ( and many of us were solo traveller who had just met) and good friends by the end. Would recommend doing this and other trips if you want to travel and make new friends.
There are not enough words to describe how amazed I was with this trip! It was the first time I traveled with a group of completely unknown people. All very nice and welcoming. As for the lovely couple, super competent, organized and friendly. I hope to see you in another trip!

Josh and Tessa planned a fantastic weekend trip that was thoroughly enjoyable. Everything was well planned and they really cared to ensure that everybody on the trip had a fantastic time! They are really great people and I can’t wait to do another trip with them again soon!

Josh and Tessa went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a great time. Tessa checked in on everyone constantly, and even provided extra cheerleading up Catbells when I was feeling tired. They are the perfect duo for planning getaways. I was really nervous about going on a trip not knowing anyone, but from the moment I was greeted at the train station, I knew it was going to be an awesome weekend. I can’t speak highly enough about this trip!
Tessa and Josh were incredibly welcoming and made everyone feel part of the group. Their friendly attitudes created an instant community/family feeling with the whole group, even though many of us had never met before. They were organised, calm and listened to the needs of the group. I loved every minute of the trip and I know that they will be successful in their travel business. I can’t wait to go on another trip organised by Tessa and Josh!
I went on the Lake District trip that Josh and Tessa organised. Honestly it was one of the most fun trips I have been on! They have good energy and seem to attract a good bunch of people around them. It was nice to be surrounded by positive like minded individuals who love connecting with new people, exploring new places and having a good time! Can’t wait for the next trip! I wouldn’t hesitate to book again. I like the peace of mind of leaving the organising in their capable hands. I know now if I’m too busy to plan something, I can just join one of their events or trips and I’d be guaranteed a great time! 🙂