Norfolk, UK

Norfolk in the UK is only 2 hours drive from London. We had a little bit of wet weather but we didn’t let that stop us making the most out of our weekend. The African drumming was a truly transformational experience. As always, an amazing group of souls came together and bonded over the weekend. I feel truly blessed and grateful to bring like-minded people together to enjoy different experiences.

Testimonials from our travellers

I really enjoyed travelling with you both. The trip was well organised and planned and it was like going away with friends for the weekend! It was a really relaxing getaway especially after a challenging week.
You are amazing organisers and find alternative options if something cannot go to plan (aka weather etc). You also provide us with an option to skip things if not interested. So relaxed and easy to travel with and would definitely do another trip
Josh and Tessa were bright welcoming people. They ensured everyone felt welcome and included. The weekend away was everything I needed and look forward to going on more in the future!
I loved the drumming, storytelling, the pub dinner and the new card game!
I would do this again in a heartbeat!