Virgo New Moon Workshop


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This workshop is for those who seek more understanding around the moon phases, want a deep understanding of the power of the new moon to clear and release unwanted patterns and invite in new, positive energy.


What the workshop will include:

⭐  Understanding the moon phases
⭐ The power of the moon and it’s affects on us as humans
⭐ Why new moon energy is an opportunity for positive change and allowing new awareness
⭐  Oracle card readings for clarity and guidance
⭐  Journal, surrender and release unwanted feelings or situations in your current reality
⭐  Set clear, positive intentions for the following moon cycle
⭐ Guided meditation to connect to our intentions
⭐  Daily practises to take away to help you focus on your intentions
⭐  Conscious conversations to gain awarenesses and understanding across different aspects of your life
⭐  Small group workshop for intimate and meaningful connections
⭐  Tea will be provided


This event will be held at Sound CBR, Barton Canberra on Tuesday September 7 at 7pm-9pm

In the case of a continued lockdown or restrictions in place for face to face events, this event will proceed online via Zoom.


Cancellation and Change of Name Policy: Change of name can be done via email up to 24 hours before.
Full refund can be requested via email up to 48 hours prior to the event commencing. No refunds will be issued after this time.

If you have any questions about this event, please email us at

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