Salisbury, UK

This road trip weekend was filled with laughter, fun and connection. We focused on self inquiry and self love. We spent time sightseeing during the day and conscious conversations and activities during the night. We tapped into our feminine energy and made vision boards; sharing our passions and aspirations.

Testimonials from the travellers

Thank you, Tessa, for a lovely weekend. It was the perfect remedy for the soul. I felt super relaxed knowing you had everything taken care of so I could truly let go. I loved all the activities, the nature walks and the site-seeing but especially creating the vision boards and practicing the Oracle card readings!! Those were my fave activities!! The group was so lovely and you are a such a kind, loving soul that I felt so at-home with you all. I highly recommend J&T Travel Adventures, times a thousand! Here’s to the next one…!
Tessa was an absolutely amazing host to our girls weekend away. Tessa and I were already good friends before going on this weekend away and I’ve always known she’d had a knack for bringing people together. Her warm, generous and bubbly personality is something you can’t help but gravitate towards. She has a way of connecting others and making you feel comfortable and accepted no matter who you are.
Tessa had organised an awesome itinerary for the trip, but she also takes into consideration the vibes of the group she’s with. For example, in the car we saw a sign for Stonehenge, not planned on our itinerary, but we were all so keen we ended up heading there and having an amazing time! I love the way she balances the organisation and planning, but is also open to spontaneous adventures 🙌
The weekend was more than I could have expected. It was jam packed with loads of fun activities, good vibes, but you also had some down town for relaxing. One of those weekend escapes where you don’t want to leave the blissfulness & good company. Best part about it, it was all organised and booked by Tessa. All I had to do was transfer her the money and off we went! Definitely be keen for another trip away, would absolutely recommend! 👌