Searching for Flights? Tips on Where To Look

Searching for flight deals can be time consuming and frustrating. A lot of people opt in to use a travel agent but with these tips below, you are guaranteed to find the cheapest flights and deals. Here are our top tips:

Sky Scanner

Most of you would have heard of this but a few pointers:

  • I always use the filters on the sides for evening flights to arrive late and get the most out of the following day. 
  • I use this as a search but book directly through the airline to minimise any difficulties if changes need to be made (on either end). 
  • you can search “everywhere” to find cheap deals across dates you’re available
  • You can set flight alerts (for example flights back to Aus) and get emails when the prices drop by a certain amount  
  • Once you search for flights, cross check prices with the official airline website and book directly if possible. Third parties can be good but have their own cancellation or change of flight policies. Read up on these before you book.

  • Similar to Sky Scanner, searches different airline companies

Google Flights

  • The map view is my favourite! You can see prices for different airports close by to your destination
  • You can search “anywhere” to find cheap deals across dates you’re available

Holiday Pirates, Voyage Prive, Secret Escapes and Cheeky Weekends

  • Each one is independent but based on the same concept. 
  • They email out “sample” all inclusive deals at random dates.
  • These are useful if you have flexible time off. If you want a weekend trip or wanting to travel in high season, it’s not ideal (app)

  • This is a good app for weekend trips in advance. 
  • Search flights and accommodation within your budget (you select <£100 <£200 etc). 


  • Similar to SkyScanner and google flights, can sort by cheapest, shortest flights. 
  • Can search for an airport then select nearby as well to get the bet deals 


  • Similar search functions to Skyscanner
  • Search deals that are all inclusive 

Jacks Flight Club 

  • Sign up to be part of jacks email list
  • You can pay for a membership to get more deals 
  • Useful for long haul flights as they can be heavily discounted 

Rome 2 Rio 

  • I use this to search different transport options such as flying, buses or trains
  • Good for European travel across mainland Europe
  • Compares travel time and cost