Split, Croatia | Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Half term calls for a group of amazing teachers and educators to get together and travel. We spent a week exploring Croatia with a day trip to Mostar in neighbouring country Bosnia and Herzegovina. This trip focused on forming deep connections with like minded people. Supporting Conscious Travel Community we had the amazing transformational coach Amber Farrington co-host this group of 14 ladies.

Testimonials from our travellers

Travelling with Tessa and Amber is such an amazing experience. They are beautiful souls who made sure everyone was having fun and that everyone felt included. They were organised and fun, and they also made sure you felt comfortable with the bedding and didn’t go hungry. The trip was a great way to meet new people and experience different things and if things didn’t got to plan Amber and Tessa always had back up plans. The places we visited were amazing and the place we stayed at felt like home. Would definitely go through these girls again or at least ask them for advice on travelling.
Tessa and Amber are warm and loving people and made the trip relaxed and chilled. I love the trip to Croatia and enjoyed the company of the women who were there on the trip. I would recommend trips with Tessa and Amber and being with like minded people is always great. Thank you for organising this wonderful opportunity to travel with you guys.
Amber and Tessa were amazing! This trip has been one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to book another. They organised this trip very well, from the restaurants down to the accommodation. I loved it!
A perfect way to meet new people, experience a new country (particularly if you are an inexperienced traveler) and to ignite/reignite a desire to see the world. Also an excellent opportunity to exchange and share travel tips!
Excellent trip, great at getting people mingling and supporting each other. Encourage people to push themselves whilst having a excellent time.
I was apart of Tessa and Amber’s first group led trip, and these girls had everything organised and ready for us. From the amazing accommodation with Ben and Steffi, all the delicious food and bit to mention all the soul bonding activities! I’m so glad I went and met all the amazing girls!