Strangers Who Become Friends

Who have you sat next to on the plane and actually spoke to?

In 2018, Josh and I were heading on our first trip away together since he moved to London. We were off to Copenhagen for the weekend. We were sitting together with another girl who had a hoodie on, with sunglasses, slumped over the tray table… she kinda grunted as she had to move to let us in…  probably annoyed she had to let us past 

Half way through the flight, the girl next to me pulled out a book. I sneakily read the blurb and I remember thinking the book sounded really interesting… it was something about the universe and manifesting what you want… right up my alley! Anyway seconds later I was busted! She saw I was looking at her book. I made an awkward comment about how it sounded interesting. She lit up. She started chatting to me about the book, and herself. I was shocked. She was so lovely and friendly. I felt terrible for even thinking she was annoyed by us. 

Her name was Josefine. As we got talking, it turns out she lives around the corner from Josh and I in London. She was travelling to Copenhagen to perform in a show. We got chatting about that and got the details of where she was performing.

The following night, we decided to go and watch her perform with another couple we had met during the day. Josephine, being the lovely. Sweet person she is, had put our names on the door for free entry! We were blown away by her kindness and generosity AND she was absolutely amazing! 

Turns out the girl next to me on the plane was an absolute legend and super super talented! We have since caught up in London and maintained our friendship.

Who have you met on the plane or during your travels and what memories did you create together?