The Importance of Setting Goals… Then Taking Action!

Do you ever set goals then months later down the track look back at what you have achieved?

I am goal driven and a massive action taker but I so often forget to celebrate all the successes as I’m too focused on the next thing so I want to share a piece of the CTC puzzle with you all and acknowledge just how far we have come in 1 year.

Last year for my birthday in September, I had a picnic in the park with friends. I had also invited another teacher who I’d connected with through my teaching agency. We hadn’t met as she just moved days before my birthday but after chatting over Facebook we got along really well. She came to my birthday and of course slotted in with my group getting along with everyone like a house on fire!

On my birthday we were all chatting away and some friends showed interest in coming to a weekend trip Josh and I had booked. Before we knew it, we had a group of 6 book their flights and accommodation to come along with us which was just 2 weeks later, including the new girl I had just met!

The trip came around quickly and next minute we were flying into Nice on a Friday night! We spent the weekend exploring the city, eating cheese and drinking wine on the beach.

While at the time we had no idea, this trip was a catalyst for our business.

We could see the draw to organise weekend trips as we didn’t need leave from work. We had enough time to explore a city and what it had to offer. We were able to bring friends together and connect them with each other, which has continued into long lasting friendships and 3 of the girls ended up moving in together after the trip.

So 12 months on, we took a group of solo travellers to Nice. We explored sights in both Nice and Cannes, but more importantly we brought together a group of solo travellers to get to know each other and bond.

2018 and 2019 in Nice, France

It’s amazing what you can achieve in 12 months. These pictures are living proof of that, taken 12 months apart. 

Even if you don’t believe it at the time, a vision can become a reality. We had no idea we would be taking a group back to Nice and the fact that it was 1 year later, almost to the day is such a big eye opener that anything is possible. We are so grateful for CTC, for everyone who comes along travelling with us and for the experiences we have.

Dream big, set goals and take steps to achieve them. As the saying goes, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.