The Power of Manifestation

I don’t believe in coincidences and here is an example why!

When you reflect back on incredible things that have just fallen into place, when the impossible becomes possible or things align in a way you couldn’t have imagined, do you think it’s a coincidence?

I was recently flying back from Kos, Greece to London with a stop over in Duesseldorf, Germany. I had a full day of travel; 2.5 hour ferry from Patmos to Kos (because it stops at 4 other islands) then my 2 flights to get me home. The other ladies I was travelling with were staying on another night so I was on my own to get from the port to the airport which is about an hour travel. I’ve travelled solo plenty of times before, no problems.

When on the ferry, I began looking at my flights. Maybe because of the time difference or maybe I just forgot but I only had 2 hours to get from the port to my flight, which is 1 hour in travel. I thought, that’s fine, the universe will have a bus waiting for me. I checked the bus schedule and they came every hour… except when I was arriving, there was a 1.5 hour break. I then received an email from the airline about construction at the airport, to arrive earlier than usual and to expect delays (way to add fuel to the fire, thanks universe).

Instead of freaking out, I came to terms with the fact that the €40 taxi was my only option. So I began telling the ladies I was travelling with that I would find a group of people getting in a taxi and ask if I could share the fare with them. With all the ferry stops I figured I would wait til I got off and ask people at the port.

The ferry pulled up to Kos, everyone got off and I set off on my mission.

First taxi I went to was full, the second one had 3 people in it; I asked if they were off to the airport but they said no and closed the door! The third taxi had 3 men putting their bags in the boot. I asked if they were going to the airport and they said yes, then I took a breath and asked if I could join them and split the fare. I’m sure they thought I was crazy but with only a slight hesitation, they said yes. The taxi driver, who was even more confused, said “lady where are you going?” In which I replied “to the airport with these guys”!

I’ve solo travelled a lot, I know what feels safe and what doesn’t. I trust my instincts and this felt safe! I waved goodbye to the ladies and off I went.

In the taxi, we got chatting and not only had these 3 men been on the tiny island of Patmos that I was staying on, they were actually Australian and one was living in London. After some more taxi banter, we figured out we were all the same flight AND they were the row in front of me.

Myself, my 3 new travel buddies and our taxi driver (in blue)

They were so lovely sharing their week in Patmos, their travel plans and even how funny it was we all ended up in that taxi together. I actually think it was the taxi driver who was most shocked! So instead of paying for a €40 taxi, it was €10 each and I made some new friends oh and caught my flight on time!

I told the universe exactly what I wanted and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Coincidence? I think not.

The universe is aligning incredible opportunities in your path constantly. Be aware. Be conscious. Look out for them and show gratitude to increase their frequency. What things have you manifested?