Girls Gone Wales!

Half term calls for a group of amazing teachers and educators to get together and travel. We spent a week exploring Wales with a hike up Sonowdonia, high tea and visits to cute country towns and castles. This trip focused on forming deep connections with like minded people and personal development.

Testimonials from our travellers

This trip was a really great opportunity for self care and reflection. With the theme being all based on on self care, it couldn’t have been better suited for a location in the stunning countryside of Wales. The itinerary planned was well organised but not overwhelming, The hike was also beautiful and achievable for people with minimal hiking experience. I met so many amazing ladies and felt very connected to everyone on the trip which was added bonus! Tessa and Elle made me feel very welcomed and supportive for any advice I needed. It has been such a highlight for my first year abroad and I am looking forward to another opportunity to go on [this] tour.
I love going on Tessa’s trips because I know they are always well balanced and full with activities love and care. I don’t even look at the itinerary before I sign up because I know it will be great regardless! I just see the location, time and amount and book. Don’t snooze on booking or you’ll miss out!
This whole trip far exceeded my expectations and was a huge highlight for me during my travels. I’ve done a lot of tours but nothing like what CTC offer. This tour was personalised, very well organised and authentic. I loved the location, venues we visited and bonding activities and have made some amazing memories and friends. I’m so grateful to have been part of this amazing tour and can’t wait to book my next trip with Tessa
Such a fantastic way to travel to a new place and meet amazing like minded people, all compliments to Tessa and her team for organising so professionally with the personalised magical Tessa touch. Would highly recommend others to go on a trip with the Conscious Travel Community if they’re interested in travelling without any stresses!
Tessa and CTC have created an amazing community that allows for people to get out of their comfort zone however they need too! Tessa makes you feel cared for and loved and special on all the trips. CTC gives everyone a chance to share their experiences and their own travel with everyone without fear of judging or negative vibes.
What can I say, my second trip away with Tessa and absolutely loved it. The hike was incredible, activities / games where fun, the little outings were great. Everyone was relaxed, open and enjoyed being in the moment.